As written for Anywhere, Anywhere, I Don't Know exhibit;

Cataloging my life Using imagery from my own personal history (grasses, old movies, illustrative lines that resemble the British botanical art my mother hung in our home) I draw obsessively as a way to process my way through my hectic life.

I use drawing as a way to find calm when inside I’m riddled with doubt, frustration, worry, and insecurity.

Being plagued with anxiety since childhood making art has been my only way of coping and taking myself away from the fear that grips me.

Making this particular show has been cathartic for me in that I am facing that self-doubt in the eye.

By cutting the stalks of my grasses, and letting them soar, I have set myself and my work free. Hammering steel feels really good.

Drawing in my sketchbooks is like a visual journal where I am processing experiences, perceptions, emotions.