Sarah Alexander’s work is highly detailed, layered, and fluid. Alexander creates through a stream of consciousness, and the resulting depictions appear gravity-defying. An avid observer of her environment, she engages in daily intuitive drawing sessions in order to access her subconscious. These daily sessions result in obsessive studies with subtle differences within the imagery. Alexander’s final images are imbued with empathy, naturalist imagery, and spiraling abstractions. 


Regarding my recent dive into working with steel:

“Cataloging my life through daily drawing sessions using imagery from my own personal history, I work obsessively to process my way through hectic days. 

Welding and cold hammering work out of steel has been cathartic for me.

 I wanted to see my drawings take form and become three dimensional, as a way to give them more power, and perhaps therefore to give myself more power. The decision to use steel was a natural one since I and my husband have owned and operated a steel fabrication business for nearly 4 decades.”  - Sarah Alexander



Photo Credit Chelsea Bradway.